picture was taken, my mother watched her father murdered by his brother.  She was only five years old. Russell was in the Italian Mafia and wanted out. In those days, death was the only option. 

      My mother never forgot how she lost her father. She never forgave him for leaving her and her mother. She was ashamed to be Italian and did not talk about her past until she was on her death bed dying from cancer.

         Constance Marie Borzilleri, "Connie",

had a very tumultuous life. Because the

Buffalo, New York Mafia controlled the

politicians, police department and courts,

her mother was accused, tried and hence

convicted of killing her husband.

      My grandmother was sent to prison for 16 years. The only reason they let her out was because she became very ill. She died when only 36 years old in 1942. She became pregnant with my mother when she was only 15 years old.

    During the time my grandmother was in prison, mymother was sent to live with relatives. Because my mother told the police her Uncle killed her father, she was seen as a "rat" by the Mafia. She was then forced to live in attics and basements eating bread and drinking watered-down coffee.

    Being raised by my Italian mother taught me to be very protective.  My mother also taught me how to care for others. She used to say I was born to be a doctor. She also said, "Jimmy, you are a dime in a nickel world."

     I always felt love from my mother and very special. I felt I had a gift of communication. I even gave advice to some of my mother's lady friends when my parents had parties. 

      Although I was assigned the appetizer trays, my mother's friends would seek me out and ask me what they should do about their children or even husbands. I was nine years old.  I don't know why they thought I had anything of importance to say, but little bits of wisdom came out of me none-the-less.

     On the other hand, my father was an alcoholic and child abuser. He beat me from as far back as I remember.


      My mother was full Italian. My father was French, however, we were raised in the Italian tradition with food and faith.

     My mother's parents were from Italy. Her mother from Rome and father from Sicily. Her mother's name was Rose and father's Russell.

     Unfortunately, just after this   

It Started with a Rose...

"We are a speck of sand on the beach, a blade of grass in the meadow or a drop of water in the ocean. We are vibratory energy that can be seen and felt; a dense form of unified consciousness and intelligence. We are spiritual beings having a human experience partly to rediscover our own divinity. However, what we do or don't do in our life affects all life forms on this planet. We should consider this responsibility more often and act accordingly." - Dr. James Chappell

Advanced Naturopathic Medicine

                                                                                                      (208) 939-1176

Dr. Chappell is multi-board certified as a chiropractic physician, traditional naturopath and social worker. He is a clinical nutritionist, medical herbalist and formulation chemist with a Bachelor’s degree in Science. Since 1971, he has been an avid health researcher and educator specializing in teaching and incorporating natural healing protocols for chronic, severe and so-called “terminal” illnesses. He does NOT treat disease. He teaches how the body works and what to do when it doesn't.

As a clinician, he has consulted over 12,000 “patient/students” to date, and spent over ten years as one of the "lot" doctors at Paramount, Universal, MGM and Burbank studios in Hollywood, California seeing actors, producers and directors for prevention and illness protocols. He is still sought-out for his “3rd Opinion.”

In fact, he signed a contract with Gary Benz of GRB Entertainment

(producer of Intervention) to do a reality show with that title.

He was even interviewed by one of Oprah Winfrey's (OWN) producers,

however, the show was never developed.

He is still looking for the right network as he nevergives up.

The video to the right is a "sizzle reel" of that production.

As an entrepreneur and philanthropist, he opened one of the largest non-alcoholic teenage dance clubs in southern California seeing over 1,000 attendees every night. Under the auspices of a “dance club”, he consulted teenagers on communication skills, processing their emotions, discipline, building character, work ethics, anger management, substance abuse intervention and how to defuse conflict. Some of the young people attending his dance club have gone on to become police officers, businessmen and women, musicians and even politicians.

While in Maine (1991 - 1996) operating his own holistic health clinic, he spent five years as a licensed social worker and the Youth Services Coordinator for the towns of Kennebunk and Kennebunkport, helping families in crisis intervention, suicide prevention, family mediation, substance abuse counseling and runaway location. He also traveled to Monument Valley, Utah yearly for five years to study natural healing with the Navajo and to Canada to study with the Ojibwa. From the Penobscot aboriginals in Maine to the jungles of Ecuador, Dr. Chappell is always studying and learning.

He is a best-selling author, A Promise Kept: One Son’s Quest for the Cause and Cure of Dis-ease, The Miracle Elements: How to Slow Down, Stop & Reverse Bone & Mineral Loss, The Aboriginal Herb Guide, Inside the Vortex lecturer, key note speaker, TV and radio personality, Commissioner – Citizens Commission for Human Rights (CCHR), spokesperson for the Whole Wellness Club, nutraceutical, botanical and aquaceutical formulator, corporate medical consultant, and founder and director of The Chappell Research Foundation, Chappell Health Products and Ruthie’s Remedies (a natural pet line).

Clinician –
Since 1971, Dr. Chappell has had over 12,000 one-on-one sessions with people experiencing health challenges.  His specialty is teaching options relative to cancer and other chronic, severe and so-called “terminal” degenerative dis-eases.  He is known as an Intensivist.  He developed three very successful clinics and an “on location” practice in Hollywood seeing actors, producers and directors (1981 – 1991).

Researcher –
Dr. Chappell discovered and coined the term: The HONSTEC Syndrome (1975); seven common denominators anyone or more that can cause any dis-ease.  He created The HONSTEC Plan for Optimum Health and Longevity and the Four Step Plan to overcome illness. (See The HONSTEC Syndrome under the Events & Articles link button above).

Speaker/Educator –

Since 1971, Dr. Chappell has been giving seminars teaching natural healing and natural medicine including presenting topics and subjects for outside venues with thousands in attendance. As of this date, he continues teaching.

Author –
Has written hundreds of articles, dozens of newsletters, several booklets and books, including his best selling books, A Promise Kept: One Son’s Quest for the Cause and Cure of Dis-ease and The Miracle Elements: How to Slow Down, Stop & Reverse Bone & Mineral Loss, The Aboriginal Herb Guide & Inside the Vortex.

TV and Radio Personality –
Dr. Chappell has participated as either the host or nutritional expert in 24 television infomercials, a dozen radio infomercials and hundreds of radio interviews.  The most well known television infomercials are Dual Action Cleanse with Klee Irwin of Irwin Naturals and his own infomercial introducing his best selling book, A Promise Kept.  He also co-hosted The Natural Healing and Natural Remedies (radio) Show with Kerri Zane, an award winning TV producer, every Wednesday on the Internet. For over three years, he was a co-host of a three hour prime time talk radio program called The Shoong & Chappell show on KTMS out of

Santa Barbara, California and now on KAZM out of Sedona, Arizona.

YouTube Videos –
Has video taped over 30 presentations for Internet sites as seen on YouTube.

Formulation Chemist –
He is credited with over 65 nutraceutical and botanical formulations for his own labels;

Earth Pure Medicine, Clinician Labs and Molecule 'X', and dozens of other products

under private labels; Proxacine, Flexacine, Prostacine Forte, Cinnamon 6, Coral White

toothpaste, etc. He has also created a specialty line called D.I.D. Nutrients and pet line called, Ruthie's Remedies.

Singer/Song Writer/Performer –    
“Jimmy” started playing music and singing when he was 13 years old.  At 19 years old, he recorded under RCA/Mercury with the rock band; American Genesis and played along with many famous bands including Jimi Hendrix, the Doors, the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Steve Miller, the Young Rascals, Buffalo Springfield, the Yardbirds, Spirit and others.  In his 60's, he wrote, produced, recorded and video taped a song for a network marketing company which was used by their distributors as a sales aide.

Poet –
Since 1967, he has written poems under the pseudonym Eric C. Wyndham (Expressing our Creators Wisdom) with a collection entitled, Touching the Heart of the Matter. “……. I have no goal left in this life save one; I want to out love everyone. It is not for noble cause, I seek to love, rather for pure selfishness. For as I receive and transmit our Creator’s gift of love, I get to keep the original copy.” - Eric C. Wyndham

Aquaceutical Formulator –
Formulated functional waters under U Water, LLC and his own label Rosetta the Intelligent Water. He currently produces Rosetta Water Concentrate infused with Molecule 'X' energies.

Corporate Consultant –
Has consulted with start-up companies and traveled throughout North America scouting for clinic locations and personnel to set up natural healing centers.  Has also consulted with the Oasis of Hope Hospital in Mexico, referring patients there since 1980.  He is a former medical consultant for Coral, LLC the largest importer of fossilized stony coral minerals in the world and has licensed them to sell his products world-wide at www.coralllc.com.  He is also a former consultant for Cortislim International, Inc., a world-wide company of science based nutraceuticals for weight loss, cortisol imbalances and more at www.cortislim.com.

Commissioner/Advisory Board Member –
Dr. Chappell is a Commissioner with the Citizens Commission for Human Rights (CCHR) an organization that was started in 1969 with profound results exposing the truth about psychiatric “diagnosis” and the dangers of the drugs prescribed.

National Spokesperson –
Since 2010, he has been a national spokesperson for the Whole Wellness Club, USA.

Esoteric Experience –
Dr. Chappell has spent twenty (20) years studying the works of Edgar Cayce and the

science of medical intuition. He is known as a meta-physician; beyond the physical in

his understanding of mind energy projection or thought wave transference as taught

by UCLA’s Dr. Valerie Hunt. He has taught thousands of people the concept of the

“unseen” in both mind, body, spirit and our perceived perception of reality. As you

can see here. What looks like a parrot, is in fact, a human the tail feather is their leg.

Inventor –
Anti-carpal tunnel device for computer operators.
       Portable Ozone generator.
       Water purification system.

Hobby (Law) –
Since 1973, Dr. Chappell has studied the law. In 2010, as a Pro Se litigant, helped his ex-wife reverse her foreclosure and unlawful detainer having all assignments, notices and other filings void for lack of standing. According to the Judge, he was the first Pro Se litigant in the State of California to do so relative to the violation of separation of the note and deed of trust using Carpenter v. Longan 83 U.S. 271, 274 (1872). He has recently started Elder Watchdog Services specializing in helping senior citizens with Probate problems, Trusts, Wills, Durable Power of Attorneys, family mediation and more. He is also a certified forensic disability specialist and advocate under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), helping elderly by preventing unwanted conservatorship and elder abuse.

Dr. Chappell Quotes –
“If you don’t take the time to be healthy, you will ultimately have to take the time to be sick.”
      “There isn’t anything Mankind can do that our Creator through Nature has not already done. Never underestimate the power

        of either.”
      “I used to be a truth seeker until I realized I am that which I am seeking.”
      “Where health resides there is no room for disease.”
      “Only sick people get sick.”
      “The key to health is education and taking effective action.”
      “We can never love too much or know too much.”
      “We are the physical manifestation of the essence of collective consciousness. To see us is to see that which sent us.”
      "We don’t get what we want in life, we get who we are.”

Character Development -
Although his mother used to say, “Jimmy, never burn your bridges behind you”, many years ago, he heard stories of Xiang Yu (207 BC) and Han Xin (204 BC) winning major battles by burning the bridges behind them blocking their soldiers from retreating. And then there was Tariq ibn Ziyad (711 AD) and Hernan Cortes (1519 AD) burning their ships keeping their army from doing the same. He even heard unconfirmed reports of Julius Caesar (55 BC) ordering the burning of his ships as he landed near the White Cliffs of Dover, England. The concept here is commitment. When one is fully committed, there is no place to go but forward. There is no looking back. From Dr. Chappell’s experience, he learned there are bridges to burn and bridges to keep. The wise will know the difference.

9 years old- “Jimmy” became an entrepreneur and businessman. After seeing the movie, Robinson Crusoe where Crusoe was marooned on an island with his servant Friday, he decided to start his own business called, "Jimmy, your man Friday. I’ll do anything!" He borrowed $17 from his parents to purchase business cards. Everyday after school he went around his neighborhood passing out his cards. Eventually, people called him to mow lawns, pull weeds, wash cars, walk dogs, clean their garages and homes and even wash windows. At 75 cents per hour, he learned the concept of “earning” money.

Before long, he had so much work; he hired one of his friends to help him. He paid his friend 50 cents per hour because it was his company and he acquired all the work. After a few weeks, he hired another and then another of his friends. Within a short period of time, he had ten of his friends working for him. At that point, he stopped doing all manual labor and just went around getting new business. He learned how to delegate authority and duplicate his efforts.

13 years old- he started playing bass guitar in a “garage” band. They were called The Centuries. They played local dances and parties. They practiced every night after school and played on weekends. While his other friends were out having a good time playing ball or surfing, he learned how discipline and dedication helped one achieve their goals. From that little band, he graduated to a bigger and better band. By 15 years old, he was in the best band in Ventura County, California called, The Del Rayz. They opened for acts from the Yard Birds, Doors, Credence Clearwater, Percy Sledge, the Young Rascals, to Ray Charles. By 16 years old, with a fake ID, he even played nightclubs and bars from California to Las Vegas. He admits to growing-up faster than he should have.

17 years old - he graduated from High School and his father immediately kicked him out of the house with emancipation of minor documents in hand. His father was an alcoholic and child abuser. He beat Jimmy daily; hence, they had a terrible relationship. However, he taught Jimmy what kind of a father and human being he did NOT want to be.

Being forced to leave his home was one of the best things to ever happen to him. He learned to “man up” pretty fast. He learned to take responsibility for his actions and be cautious of strangers. One had to earn his trust, not be granted it by dictate, coercion or stated authority. He also attended Ventura Junior College, at that time.

18 years old - he had a major epiphany. Actually, it was a near death experience. He tried to kill himself.

He worked as a union carpenter’s apprentice during the day and played music at night. He was addicted

to street drugs and they were killing him so he thought he would end it all. Of course, he failed and instead,

discovered who he was, where he came from and what his purpose in life was. He took the “Red Pill” as

discussed in the movie the Matrix. He got off drugs “cold” and started studying health, nutrition and

herbology by correspondence.

He started studying Naturopathy and Clinical Nutrition by correspondence from the Naturopathic College of California, Los Angeles from 1969 through 1970, receiving an N.D. and Ph.D. respectively. He also studied all of Dr. John Christopher’s teachings with his School of Natural Healing. His doctorates were later voided by the State of California in 2005 as the college was no longer approved by the State. He can now only claim to be a traditional naturopath, clinical nutritionist and medical or master herbalist.

21 years old - he went into the army. It was during the Vietnam conflict. After 3 months, he was honorably discharged for a medical injury. He re-fractured his right patella during basic training. The first fracture happened in high school while playing football.

21 to 23 years old- he continued to study natural healing, natural medicine, and herbology consulting those interested in optimum health and longevity. He became a Shaklee (natural product line) Coordinator and Supervisor and a nutraceutical and botanical formulator. (Formulation chemist).

23 years old- he entered Cleveland Chiropractic School in Los Angeles. The year was 1973. He continued to consult people for their health issues, and played music six nights per week to work his way through chiropractic school, five days per week. After four years, he graduated and received a doctorate in chiropractic medicine in 1977.

From 18 years old to this date, Dr. Chappell has dedicated his life to service. He has consistently financed his own research through working. He has proven to be a man of integrity and honesty. He is a self-made person not afraid to “take the bull by the horns.” There is no other way for him. Even after 45 years serving humanity, he has been and is still committed to seeking the truth and teaching others the benefits of natural healing and natural medicine.

 Summary of Some of Dr. Chappell's Experiences

For more information: (208) 939-1176

Energy emanating from a drop of water.

There is No  Apprenticeship for this Life

An Attitude of Gratitude:

Why We Don't Appreciate What We Have Until It's Too Late.

Humans are so preoccupied with doing "stuff", we simply don't take the time "to smell the roses." We are NOT human doings, we are spiritual "beings" having a human experience. We are supposed to "be" in the moment of gratitude, appreciation and wonder. Although I was fooling around when the below picture was taken with my mother, I know I did NOT appreciate her as much as I could. I spent so many hours studying and traveling, I could have spent a few more with her. The same is true for our other family members, friends and even our pet companions.

I remember my little Boston Terrier Ruthie trying to jump up on my lap when I was either in my office or watching television. Sometimes I would let her, but most of the time, I was too "busy" or did not want to be bothered. I wish she were here today to bother me. I even removed her from our bedroom at night because she snored too loudly. I wish I could hear her snore again.

I miss my mother, my Ruthie and all those I loved that are no longer here in physical form. I should have given them more love and attention. It is my loss. Don't let this happen to you.

Swirling energy captured from the Hubble telescope.

First Step: Forgiving the Unforgivable

"Where health resides there is no room for illness.

Our focus should be on health NOT on disease treatment."

- Dr. James Chappell

     My father grew up in a very strict environment. His father was the Sheriff of Yuma, Arizona from 1923 to 1928. In those days, Yuma was a wild "cowboy" town. Corporal punishment was widely practiced and even encouraged. My father had his share of beatings.

      I was his first child. He tried to control me the only way he knew. Unfortunately for him, he didn't work. The more he beat me the more defiant I became. Not unlike in the Johnny Cash song, A Boy Named Sue, I became very assertive, angry, opinionated and defiant. I demanded respect from others and being half Italian, it seemed to be in my blood.

    I believed all things were possible if you did NOT take no for an answer. When faced with insurmountable odds, I discovered if you did not give up, you would eventually win.      

    This attitude has helped me to help others. I often say, "We can live weeks without food, days without water and only minutes without oxygen, however, we can not live a moment without hope." As long as we continue to have hope, all things are possible. I have forgiven my father for the years of torture he put me through. In fact, I am very thankful for the experience. He taught me what kind of father and human being I don't want to be. I have become an antithesis of him.

"I used to be a truth seeker until I realized I am that which I am seeking."

- Dr. James Chappell

  Chappell Integrative Wellness Center

Energy shown by Kirlian photography of the human hand.

      It has been said, we either learn from our own experiences or from others and that life is truly "on the job training."  I have spent my entire life attempting to experience as much as possible and yet as a researcher and educator, I have studied the experiences of others in-depth. I have come to the conclusion, "We are the physical manifestation of the essence of God expressed as love." Unfortunately, this manifestation is only expressed in those that choose to be love. We do NOT get what we want in life by intention or design. We get who we are.  

     If we want peace, love and joy in our life, we must become peaceful, loving and joyful. If we want financial success, we must learn how to earn and save money.  The only people that "make" money work in a mint or printing company. The rest of us must "earn" it. It short, I see it this way:

No health, no work.

No work, no money.

No money, no life.

Your life depends on your health. Period.

      Know this, only sick people get sick. The underlining cause of all dis-ease, including genetic disorders is The HONSTEC Syndrome. Before someone demonstrates a health challenge, they are toxic, immune suppressed, tissue hypoxic and have an acid pH. They are sick and don't know it!