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"It is said, water is so intelligent, it created humans

to move itself around."           - Dr. James Chappell

Cretaceous Seaway

       There are so many beautiful places on this planet if only we could take the time to open our eyes and heart to see and feel them.  Unfortunately, most of us are too concerned with our self-induced drama.

       Humans often get wrapped up in the illusion of what they think is important and miss the point of what really is. Reality is one thing, our perception is something else.

      Of all the teachings we have from Dr. Chappell, how to separate the truth from perception is one of the most meaningful and spiritually reassuring. This lizard, is in fact, two people in reverse. 

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"If we don't take the time to be healthy, we will take the time to be sick."

- Dr. James Chappell