Ruthie -

Friday, May 1, 2015 - I found out my ten year old Boston Terrier had mammary cancer. I was in shock. This is a pet companion that was raised on organic vegetables, free range protein and pristine water. She had never had a drug or vaccine since coming to live with us. My wife even brushed her teeth every night. She was loved and adored from the moment we set eyes on her. She was pampered, bathed, exercised and attended to like no other. Regardless, my Ruthie had cancer so I didn't have a moment to spare.

I started her on cancer curing herbs and other natural ingredients, a magnetic pulser, water enemas (only when she got constipated), lymphatic massage, chi gong, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, laser treatment and more.

Today, I found out that Ruthie's cancer was much worse than expected. An x-ray showed the cancer had spread from her mammary glands, to her lungs, bones, abdomen and brain. My heart hurts so deeply, I am speechless.  I love Ruthie so very much. For over ten years, she has always been there for me. I know Ruthie is a spiritual being having a pet experience. I know she came into my life to teach me forgiveness and love. I will never forget this gift from God. However, I can see in her eyes, she is overwhelmed and disconnecting. I may not have much time to turn this around.

The lesson I learned thus far was that I did NOT read the signs of her little body telling me something was out of balance when she appeared to be so "healthy" and for believing that she could "fight" any dis-ease because she was so "healthy." The truth is, if anyone of us are really healthy, we wouldn't get sick to begin with. My wife and I will do all we can to save Ruthie, but if she is suffering, in pain or becomes immobile, we will release her back to where her spirit came from.

It Started in 2014

When I first discovered Ruthie's mammary mass in late November 2014, it seemed benign as it was the only evidence of something abnormal. It did not feel like a metastatic tumor. Mammary tumors can have a 50/50 chance of being benign and she had no other signs, signals or symptoms. I actually thought it was mastitis. 

We immediately took her to our local Vet. Without a blood test or x-ray, he wanted to do surgery to remove the mass AND her uterus and ovaries. Because we were only a week away from moving to Scottsdale, Arizona, we decided to wait until we moved to our new location. We didn't want Ruthie traveling while trying to recover from a major operation.

Other than a mammary mass, Ruthie was acting totally normal. Her appetite, activity and energy level were great and even her skin and coat looked fantastic. Regardless, as soon as we settled into our apartment, we took her to a Vet. The Vet ordered a blood test with all values coming back normal. No biopsy or x-ray was ordered. In retrospect, not having an x-ray was a MAJOR mistake. I believe it made the difference of Ruthie living a longer life in less discomfort or dying prematurely in pain. Had the x-ray showed abnormalities; metastasis, we could have ordered a cancer marker blood test such as a CEA and MRI. If the MRI showed cancer in multiple areas, we would NOT have had the mass removed unless it was well defined and could be removed in its entirety, or perhaps not at all. We would have simply started an aggressive anti-cancer natural protocol.

Per the Vet's suggestion, we had the tumor removed along with her uterus and ovaries, and within days, she recovered and was back to being Ruthie; running around the house, hanging out in my office, throwing her Mr. Squeaky in the air and waiting to go for morning and afternoon walks. She loved her life as we loved having her in ours. We thought we had corrected the problem and we were very happy to see Ruthie so happy and healthy. That didn't last long as the skin removed caused her hip to pull inward displacing it as she walked. She collapsed several times. The Vet did NOT tell us this could be a side-effect of surgery.

First Major Mistake

Although I was told female dogs should be spayed when young to prevent the possibility of them acquiring a mammary tumor, my wife was concerned about Ruthie having surgery because she came to us with a severely compromised immune system. She had terrible skin allergies and demodectic mange. We thought with proper care, non-toxic food (organic), pristine water and unconditional love, she would be okay without being spayed. My wife and I are now in the guilt stage for NOT doing a simple preventative act. We thought we were doing the right thing. Obviously, we did not. By NOT getting Ruthie spayed at a young age, we made the first MAJOR mistake. One that will haunt us for the rest of our lives.

I have never minded suffering for my own ignorance, however, it goes beyond pain to have someone else suffer because of me. I came to this spinning orb to personify our Creator's love by helping others. I love and respect this planet and ALL of it's inhabitants. It is unconscionable to live any other way. What we do to our planet, children, pets, friends, family and ourselves because of our ignorance is unbelievable. We truly suffer for our lack of knowledge or ignorance.

This experience is a terrible way of learning. As a researcher and educator, I believe all veterinarians should teach their clients the importance of prevention and maintenance protocols. My preconceived intelligence clouded my decision making abilities and ultimately cost Ruthie her life.  As Dr. Forrest Shaklee told me in the early 1970's, "Life should be like a candle burning brightly until the last flicker and not a moment before." Ruthie's life was cut short because of the ignorant decisions I made.

Know this: life is a gift. What we do with it is up to us. Our children, pets and others that depend on us believe we will make responsible decisions for their sake. It is our duty to learn how the body works and what to do when it doesn't whether in humans or animals. We are here to love and protect those we love. If we do NOT want to accept that responsibility, we need to relinquish it to someone that will. Ruthie deserved the best from me, especially me. I let her down and will suffer the consequences of that mistake for the rest of my life. 

Saturday, May 2, 2015 - It is 6:00 am and I can feel that Ruthie is ready to make her transition. If only humans would allow other humans the dignity of letting go when the time is right. I held her in my arms all night. She felt my unconditional love, however, she whimpered in pain. She is struggling to breathe. She can not walk, stand up or eat. She has had several seizures. My heart weeps for my potential and perceived loss even though I believe the spiritual essence of who we are does not die. Ruthie is so ill, I miss touching, holding and playing with her.

When Ruthie got sick, our 17 year old Sheba, Zoe, started to shut down. Ruthie was her best friend. I could see Zoe sensing Ruthie's confusion and pain.  Zoe quit eating, drinking or standing up. She would lay down next to Ruthie and whimper. Zoe had a great life and the last ten years, she had Ruthie to be with. Because of Zoe's age and other factors, she lost her hearing and eyesight. She was also starting to lose her ability to think, a lot like dementia. 

At 12:30 pm, Ruthie and Zoe were euthanized together. Ruthie could not lift her head

so Zoe placed hers on top of Ruthie's back. When Ruthie exhaled her last breath, I had

my face in front of hers and inhaled at that moment. It brought all in the room to tears.

Crazy as it may sound, the aboriginals believe in breath exchange as a way of becoming

one with another. It is a tradition that comforts me. You don't have to wait until

someone dies. You can exchange breath with another anytime you want.

Ruthie and Zoe will be in my heart, thoughts and dreams forever.  Zoe was a good pet companion, but Ruthie was like no other relationship I have ever had, human or animal. So I say, good bye my Ruthie. Please forgive me. I love you deeply. I will see you again for where you go I will soon follow. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, consciousness and intelligence back to the unified field of all light, love and truth. You are now free my baby girl. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of knowing you... 

The Lesson Learned -

We should NOT own a pet companion if we don't know how to love, protect and take care of it. Feeding your dog or cat a bowl of dried food and tap water will not promote optimum health and longevity. Throwing it in the backyard chained to a tree without human contact for hours at a time, will not promote mental health and happiness. Giving them drugs and vaccines and thinking that's all the medical attention they need is NOT enough. If fact, drugs and vaccines have a list of side and dangerous effects.

Here is what I think the minimum care our pets need:

Before you entertain the idea of owning a pet, research all you can about the breed. Talk to others that have the same kind of pet you want to acquire. Interview as many holistic Veterinarians as necessary to find one or more that understand natural healing and natural medicine AND orthodox Veterinarian medicine.  Tell them what breed of animal you intend to bring into your life and make sure this Vet has passion for what they do and love for animals. 

Once you have done your homework, research the best breeding facility for the kind of animal you want. Stay away from the dog and cat "mills" where they allow mating and inter family propagation. Most pet stores only sell "mill" animals. I would find a home breeder that owns both the mother and father and go visit them. Ask to see their medical file or any records available. Look at the circumstances where the pets live. Use your intuition to discern if this home is a kind, clean and loving place. Once you find your pet, make sure your home is prepared to add a new family member. Yes, dogs or cats are NOT just some "thing" to own. They want to be part of a clan, pack or family. Cats may appear solitary, but they want you to want them. I know. When I had my second clinic, I used to take in unwanted cats. I ended up having over eighteen of them at one time.

Now that you are ready for one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, be prepared to truly take care of your new best friend. This means you must spend some time, effort, energy and money. Although I wrote this paper about my pure bred Boston Terrier, this information can also apply to adopting a mixed breed pet. You may not be able to acquire the same information on your pet, but taking care of them is the same.

At least once or twice per year, take your pet into the holistic Vet for a brief exam, blood test and chest or body x-ray. You should also have their teeth cleaned, if needed. If there is anything starting to happen, you may be catching it in the early stages where you might be able to do something about it before it's too late. If you can NOT afford to do this, you can not afford to own a pet. I personally do not believe in vaccines for humans or animals. Not the vaccines that are currently on the market with mercury, formaldehyde, retro viruses, aborted fetal lung tissue and other toxic chemicals in them. In the future they may have something effective and safe. For now, I say NO to vaccines.

Between your Vet exams, do home wellness exams. Check to see if your pet's nose is wet or dry, if they have abnormal eye discharge or if their pupils are symmetrical. Check their mouth, gums and teeth. Not unlike humans, the mouth should NOT have ulcers, the gums should be pink and the teeth should not have plaque or cavities. Now check the jaw bone, ears, skin, muscle tone and weigh them. From the claws, foot pads, body temperature (use an ear thermometer) to whether or not they feel too hot or cold or swollen, write down everything in a journal. Also do a range of motion test of their neck, back and each leg. Check (palpate) their body for lumps especially around the mammary glands (males too), and write down if they show pain while you are touching them. Check their genitalia especially the males for lumps or inflammation. Testicular cancer is real and needs to be caught early. If you find something truly abnormal, you should call your Vet straight away and not wait for your next scheduled visit. Look at their stool and color of their urine. Make note of any changes.

If you have yearly or bi-yearly exams and tests, and you discover a health issue, have your holistic Vet start a subtle detox. If you have been feeding your pet non-toxic, organic food, they shouldn't have too much to detoxify. If you have been feeding them commercial junk food, you will have a lot to detoxify. You will also want to start them on an immune modulating program. NEVER have a biopsy if you haven't had a blood cancer marker, x-ray and maybe MRI showing that the tumor about to be biopsied has a well defined border. You may call my office for the protocol I recommend or look for an article on this website in the near future.

Any additional support you can give including constant love and attention, will greatly increase your pets chances of survival if ill. Massage, acupuncture, chi gong, and chiropractic are all helpful to humans and animals. Energy medicine and products like instruments, especially the magnetic pulser, are helpful too. Giving your pet a good immune support product and perhaps an enzyme supplement like Wobenzym on a regular basis is wise.

Above all, do your own research. Have an effective protocol in place BEFORE you need it. Have regular exams and tests from a competent, holistic Vet. Have your female pets spayed at the appropriate time.  Do NOT make the same mistake I made, and you just might increase your pets lifespan and avoid the pain and suffering both you and your pet will experience because of your ignorance.

For now, my wife and I are in such deep mourning, we can't seem to think or function. For those that say, "It's only a dog", you have no idea what you have missed in surrendering to the love of a spiritual, conscious being that has only come to teach you love and forgiveness. They are our spirit guides that can help those with eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart to open to them.  If you only see a "dog", you have a void in this experience, you call life. Perhaps you don't deserve to be loved at this level. The choice is yours. Look at how beautiful Ruthie was. Perfect, just perfect.

                  Note: If you think dog cancer is the same as cat cancer, human cancer or monkey cancer, you are mistaken. Not only are no two people the same, no two species are the same. You should NEVER go to a veterinarian oncologist if you have cancer. Like wise, you should NEVER take your dog to a human oncologist. To do so is foolish.  Lack of success treating cancer in one species does NOT apply to another species.


Tell Me Why
by Declan Galbraith

To forgive creates a sense of peace leading one to compassion and love. We actually can become sensitive to each other and the world in general. One of the best songs I have ever heard about sensitivity, comes from the voice of a ten year old boy named Declan Galbraith. Although he is grown-up now, Tell Me Why, should bring anyone with a heart and soul to tears. Here is the video. Listen to the words. Watch his delivery and sensitivity. Watch this video over and over again until you feel it in the depth of your being. Our future is dependent on our children correcting the wrongs of the adults before them. It is not too late for this planet or humanity. We may be close to self destruction, but there is still time. Teach your children the truth. Stand up to corruption. Defend those that can not defend themselves. It is time to take back our power and see the world as it can be. A place where we all try to get along in love, peace and joy.

Don't believe in the lies.

All life forms seek harmony & balance.

Life is about balance!

Mind, body & spirit are equally important.

For more information: (+1)480-588-8651

"After 45 years consulting a diversity of people with every condition and dis-ease imaginable, I have concluded the number one reason why sick people do NOT get well is because of their stubbornness. Of all the issues people struggle with, the number one obstacle to their recovery is lack of forgiveness, first in themselves and then in others."

When we do NOT forgive those that we "believe" did us wrong, we create vibratory chaos at a cellular level within us. Vibratory chaos leads to dis-harmony which eventually leads to dis-ease.

Anger, resentment, hatred, lack of forgiveness and more, create strong, negative emotions leading to an acid pH and low cellular oxygen. This reaction is the perfect environment for sickness and dis-ease.

Only forgiveness, including forgiving yourself for whatever you "think" you have done will help you get well. We need to let go and be free to 'be.'

In 1975, Dr. James Chappell was doing extensive research into cause and effect relative to disease when he stumbled on what he later coined, The HONSTEC Syndrome.

The HONSTEC Syndrome is actually an acronym for seven common denominators anyone of which can contribute to any disease, to wit:

    (1) Hydration (H) or lack of it.

    (2) Oxygenation (O) or lack of it.

    (3) Nutritional (N) imbalances to    

          include deficiencies and excesses.

    (4) Spinal-Structural (S) loss of  

          nerve flow or conductivity.

    (5) Toxins (T).

    (6) Emotional (E) imbalances and;

    (7) Creative Consciousness (C) or 

          lack of it.

Any one or more of the HONSTEC components can contribute to the cause of any disease, even death. For a more definitive explanation, go to the Events/Article link button above.

Advanced Course on Natural Healing & Natural Medicine for Healthcare Providers

Leading to Certification as a Chappell Approved Practitioner® Level I

About the Course

This is an advanced course on natural healing and natural medicine. It is for Healthcare Providers and therefore it is assumed they already have a professional knowledge and understanding of anatomy, physiology, biology, neurology and all other body/mind systems. Therefore, the basics will not be covered.

Dr. Chappell will discuss the many facets of traditional and aboriginal natural healing and natural medicine along with classical and modern energy medicine. From Dr. Chappell's holistic perspective and NOT taught anywhere else, each student will discover how the body works and what to do when it doesn't. From quantum energy devices, traditional and aboriginal medicine including shamanic drumming, you will learn to address the cause of dis-ease and NOT just how to treat it. Most importantly, you may just discover who you are, where you came from and what your real purpose is.

As you will realize, no one knows more about The HONSTEC Syndrome than Dr. Chappell as he discovered it and coined the term in 1975. No one knows more about the pathway of dis-ease starting from a trigger leading to cell death as Dr. Chappell first outlined this pathway in 1980. No one knows more about Molecule 'X' as he discovered it and coined the term relative to six (6) energetic signatures that can effectuate healing changes at a cellular level.

In this course, you will be taught 45 years of Dr. Chappell's discoveries in 48 lessons over 12 months. This practical and insightful information may be immediately applied to your healthcare service. As you become a patient and student, you will then learn to be the healer and teacher.

Those completing this course will not only receive a certificate of completion from Dr. Chappell, they will be listed on his website under Chappell Approved Practitioners with a link to their website or office information.

Dr. Chappell is looking for enlightened Healthcare Providers in every county in the country that he may refer patients and clients as he gets calls and emails from around the United States for his level of expertise, wisdom and knowledge. As the demand grows, he may add an additional night to accommodate more students. For now, he is teaching one night per week on Tuesdays to five (5) students only on a first come first served basis. With a career spanning over 45 years, no one knows more about the philosophy, science and art of natural healing and natural medicine.

Course Syllabus

I. Living in the Moment, Forgiving the Unforgivable, Triggers to Death & Zeta Potential

Week 01 – Who are we? Where did we come from? What is our purpose? This session will help you to understand, "What If" and the Matrix. Students will learn the concept of humanity being the physical manifestation of the essence of conscious mind energy projection. They will learn how this planet is a dream within the dream leading to the Matrix and even Hell on Earth. Knowing our origin helps to develop insight to core issues that make us who we are; We are all spiritual, energetic beings having a human experience. We are the feeler of the feeling and NOT the feeling. People may "feel" depressed, but they are not depressed. It is just a feeling. After learning how to separate the two, depression is reduced or nonexistent.

Week 02 – In this session you will learn how to forgive the unforgivable by separating the deed from the doer. Humans take themselves and life too seriously. Most doctors, lawyers, celebrities, those famous, wealthy and even politicians have a God or "Star" complex. You will learn about the space between the dots and the oneness of all life. This awareness will help you understand your patients and clients from a different perspective. You will learn how to release emotional stones we carry in our backpack. Humans constantly pick up pebbles, rocks, stones and boulders thus hanging on to painful memories.This lesson will teach you how to forgive and let go of perceived insult or emotional injury "caused" by another.

Week 03 – Cell death is the end result of an initial trigger or triggers. In this session you will discover how physical, mental, emotional, chemical, biochemical, and spiritual triggers lead to a reactive irritation, electromagnetic disturbance, interaction, transaction, INFLAMMATION, denigration, infection or mutation, cell matrix invasion, proliferation, systemic degeneration, cellular energetic depletion and finally, cell death. You will learn how to safely treat the signs, signals and symptoms of an underlining cause while address and removing the cause. As emphasized, reducing inflammation can slow down, stop and reverse all other related events leading to cell death. In other words, one key to optimum health and longevity is to address and remove all triggers (causes) while treating and reversing inflammation.

Week 04– Zeta potential. Every cell in the body has an electrical potential. It is electrical energy that differentiates life from death. The electrical potential in a healthy human, also called the zeta potential, has a differential of 120 mV from inside of the cell (depolarization) to the outside of the cell and back inside the cell (repolarization). This charge is constantly vacillating.

As we age or become ill, our zeta potential differential drops and so does our energy. This is one reason why it is difficult to get out of bed, exercise or maintain self-motivation as we either become toxic, older or unhealthy. Without energy, without cellular electrical potential, we not only lose our health, youth and drive, we have a difficult time absorbing nutrients. By “charging” distilled water with electrolytic minerals or Zeta Crystals, it not only re-energizes our cells, it lowers the surface tension of the water making it wetter and better absorbed and allows nutrients to be more bio-available.

Chemists say that the zeta potential is what keeps the billions of cells in the body in circulation. Unhealthy foods causing high levels of toxins in the blood, poor oxygen intake and other factors can cause our blood cells to clump together. This condition is either called Rouleau or thrombocytic aggregation. These conditions lead to impairing the transfer of energy within the body and reducing the flow and intake of nutrients.

From a differential range of 120 mV potential, unhealthy or aged cells can drop to a differential of 100 mV, 75 mV and so on. When severely ill, our electrical range potential can drop to 35 mV. In cancer patients, it can drop to 15 mV or lower. Losing our electrical potential is synonymous with dying. It is similar to lowering a dimmer switch beyond a light bulb's filaments ability to illuminate. One goal of natural healing is to re-illuminate, through increased zeta potential, one's life-force energy.

NOTE: All quizzes require 80% of your answers correct in order to proceed to the next lesson. This allows one question to be incorrect out of five given. The final exam will consist of ONE question for each of the 48 lessons. Students will be allowed ten incorrect answers. Those that fail may retake the test at no charge.

II. Molecule 'X', 432 Hz and Energetic Signatures (Summary)

Week 05 – Quiz (5 questions from previous lessons). Molecule 'X'. In this session you will learn how Dr. Chappell discovered Molecule 'X' and it's importance. Dr. Chappell's contribution is incorporating 432 Hz with fone or more of five other energy signatures creating what he terms Molecule 'X'.

Week 06 – The remaining three lessons of will be: History of 432 Hz and Vicktor Schauberger's polarity vortex.

Week 07 – History of Valerie Hunt's Scalar waves and Royal Rife's frequency generator.

Week 08 – History of Colonel Dinshah's color cell therapy and Massuro Emoto's thought wave transference.

III. The HONSTEC Syndrome: The Cause of All Dis-ease (Summary)

Week 09 - Quiz (5 questions from previous lessons). Introduction to The HONSTEC Syndrome (an acronym) and why it is the cause of all dis-ease and NOT disease.

Week 10 - H stands for hydration or the lack of it.

Week 11 - O stands for oxygenation or the lack of it.

Week 12 -N stands for nutritional imbalances.

Week 13 - S stands for spinal structural neurological aberrations.

Week 14 - Quiz (5 questions from previous lessons). T stands for toxins.

Week 15 - E stands for Energy-in-motion or E-motional imbalances.

Week 16 - C stands for Creative Consciousness or lack of it.

IV. Four Steps to Natural Healing: Open elimination channels, de/repolarize the blood and lymph,

detoxify the entire bodies and modulate the immune system. (Summary)

Week 17 - From the liver, colon, kidneys, skin, lungs, stomach and sinuses: Working with the first 3 of the 7 elimination channels of the body.

Week 18 - Working with the last 4 of the 7 elimination channels of the body.

Week 19 - How to de and repolarize the blood and lymphatic circulation. Using advance botanicals, hydrotherapy and Sota instruments.

Week 20 - How to detoxify the entire bodies.

Week 21 - Quiz (5 questions from previous lessons). Physical detoxification.

Week 22 - Emotional detoxification.

Week 23 - Spiritual/energetic detoxification.

Week 24 - How to modulate the immune system through energy medicine, botanicals, mind energy and nutrition.

V. Signs, Signals and Symptoms of What are Called the Top Six "Diseases" (Summary)

Week 25 - History of Cancer.

Week 26 - Quiz (5 questions from previous lessons). Orthodox treatment of cancer.

Week 27 - Traditional natural treatment of cancer.

Week 28 - How to prevent and "cure" cancer.

Week 29 - History of Heart Disease & Stroke.

Week 30 - Orthodox treatment of heart disease & stroke.

Week 31 - Quiz (5 questions from previous lessons). Traditional natural treatment of heart disease & stroke.

Week 32 - How to prevent and "cure" heart disease and stroke.

Week 33 - History of Diabetes I & II.

Week 34 - Orthodox treatment of diabetes.

Week 35 - Traditional natural treatment of diabetes.

Week 36 - Quiz (5 questions from previous lessons). How to prevent and "cure" diabetes.

Week 37 - History of Infection.

Week 38 - Orthodox treatment of infection.

Week 39 - Traditional natural treatment of infection.

Week 40 - How to prevent and "cure" infection.

Week 41 - Quiz (5 questions from previous lessons). History of Iatrogenic Diseases & Drugs.

Week 42 - Orthodox treatment of Iatrogenic Diseases & Drug reaction.

Week 43 - Traditional natural treatment of Iatrogenic Diseases & Drug reaction.

Week 44 - How to prevent and "cure" Iatrogenic Diseases & Drug reaction.

VI. Legal Issues (Summary)

Week 45 - Politics of Medicine.

Week 46 - Quiz (5 questions from previous lessons). Lawful verse Unlawful Laws.

Week 47 - The Sovereignty of Healing and being an American Inhabitant.

Week 48 - Final Exam. Recommended websites, books, audio and videos and more.

Course Time, Costs & Benefits
Time - The course will start on Tuesdays from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm PST and will continue with four Tuesday nights per month for 12 months. Each session of this telephone conference course is one (1) hour per week with an immediate 30 minute question and answer period for a total session time of 1.5 hours weekly for 48 weeks over 12 months. Attendance is limited to ONLY five (5) participating Healthcare Providers. Dr. Chappell will use a conference call-in service to accommodate the students.

Cost – Since 1971, it has cost Dr. Chappell hundreds of thousands of dollars in educational costs, seminars, mentors, travel and more. Although Dr. Chappell normally charges $350 per hour for his time to teach, the cost for this course is $250 per SESSION or $1,000 per month, per student with a 12 month commitment. Just considering his normal fee, this is a $275 savings per week or $1,100 savings per month. Considering what it actually cost him over the last 45 years, the real savings can't be measured. Students will receive a $50 discount per month for every student they refer, that enrolls and pays tuition on a timely basis.

Benefits - Students will be allowed to have a personal, one-on-one consultation with Dr. Chappell at $150 per hour per scheduled telephone appointment. If a student refers a patient or client to Dr. Chappell for consultation, Dr. Chappell will charge his customary fee of $350 per hour to that patient or client. He will then pay that student $70 per hour (20%) referral or "agency" commission. Students will also be able to purchase Dr. Chappell's health products at a 25% discount from the MSRP or retail price. For those students wanting to buy Dr. Chappell's products at wholesale, they may do so under specific terms and conditions.

Completion of Course
Upon the completion of this course, each student will receive a certificate of completion and recognition from Dr. Chappell. They will be listed on his website under Chappell Approved Practitioners with a link to their website or office information. Dr. Chappell will be available to assist each student with difficult cases for a fee.

It has been said, "When the student is ready the teacher appears." If you are ready, Dr. Chappell is here to teach you what he has learned from 45 years of research and experience in natural healing and natural medicine. Call 480-588-8651 to secure your reservation. Classes start when five students register.

Hatred is taught behavior. We must learn to forgive, seeking peace and acceptance.

Advanced Naturopathic Medicine

(480) 588-8651

In law there is something called, The Vested Interest Doctrine.  Simply, if a witness has a vested interest in the outcome of a trial, they will be disqualified. 

The Internet is filled with information. Most of it is inaccurate and vested. We must first and foremost discern whether what we read passes the common sense and logic test. If the information is found to be true, we are then required to take effective  action. Not just any action, but effective action is mandatory.

One key to optimum health and longevity is learning how the body works and what to do when it doesn't. No one is a better teacher of this understanding, including the definition of disease verses dis-ease, than Dr. Chappell.

Another key is rediscovering our intuitive nature; our ability to "feel" the unseen. Humans have a very difficult time with this concept. Dr. Chappell does not. Take the time to discover this for yourself.

The Key to Health is Accurate

Information & Effective Action.

We Must Start with Forgiving the Unforgivable.

The HONSTEC Syndrome:

The Cause of Dis-ease.

"There isn't anything Mankind can do that our  Creator through Nature has not already done. Never underestimate the power of either."

- Dr. James Chappell


  Dr. James Chappell

Ruthie Shoong-Chappell 2005 - 2015

"When I look into your loving eyes, as I come closer, I see the reflection of me loving you.

We are one if we want to be."  - Dr. James Chappell